Helene Udy (Adult KatieBird) 
Taylor Dooley (Teen KatieBird) 
Nicole Jarvis (Young KatieBird)
Lee Perkins (Merl)
Todd Gordon (Dr. Richardson)

Jun Hee Lee (Kevin)



....Jun Hee Lee (Kevin) ...

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Jun Hee Lee attended Boston University as a Theatre and Management major, but decided to move to L.A. to pursue his life-long dream of acting. After he took home the honors of "young adult male actor of the year, singing male, and dancing male" at the 2002 IMTA convention in L.A., he started his career as the host of I-Channel's prime time TV show, Asia Street . In addition, he also hosted I-Channel's most watched music video show, Revolution . KatieBird is Jun Hee’s third movie credit and he is honored to play the role of Kevin with such an amazing cast and incredible visionary director (Justin Paul Ritter). Jun Hee has also starred in the feature films Ethan Mao and Entering Out , and handled guest starring roles in the Nickelodeon TV Series, Drake & Josh, and in the new American Pie Band Camp as Jimmy Chong. He is an accomplished performer, singing and dancing as a member of Warner Bros Team 11, and is also one of the lead voices in the upcoming video game release, Nana .




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