Helene Udy (Adult KatieBird) 
Taylor Dooley (Teen KatieBird) 
Nicole Jarvis (Young KatieBird)
Lee Perkins (Merl)
Todd Gordon (Dr. Richardson)

Jun Hee Lee (Kevin)



...Lee Perkins (Merl) ...

Although Lee Perkins began acting in a first-grade play in which he appeared as a carrot, he curtailed his performing ambitions while he pursued a successful career as a formula race car driver in the United States and Europe. He returned to full-time acting with the movie Freejack and has since won multiple awards for his work. This is his second horror movie, the first being Fangoria’s Shadows of the Dead. This summer, Lee is scheduled to shoot The Red Machine, a heist adventure set in 1935. He is also involved with the horror projects Retard, which was written by Christopher Alan Broadstone and has John Franklin (Children of the Corn) attached, Trippin‘, by Devi Snively, and Carnies, directed by Brian Corder. If you would like to read more about Lee and his creation of Merl “Daddy” Wilkins, recent interviews have been posted on Bloody-Disgusting.com, Diabolical-Dominion.com, Horror-Movies.ca, RacksandRazors.com and ToxicShock.TV.




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