Helene Udy (Adult KatieBird) 
Taylor Dooley (Teen KatieBird) 
Nicole Jarvis (Young KatieBird)
Lee Perkins (Merl)
Todd Gordon (Dr. Richardson)

Jun Hee Lee (Kevin)



...Taylor Dooley (Teen KatieBird) ...

Since her move to Los Angeles, Taylor has enjoyed playing such roles as an erotically insane serial killer-in-the-making, a bisexual porn star stripper, a frustrated hillbilly who's related to all of her boyfriends, and a wacked-out Cinderella. In her next project, she will be Associate-Producing and starring in a feature that involves aliens, the Grim Reaper, drunk ninjas, and copious amounts of alcohol. Another project in the works is a dance, music, and movement show that she is writing, producing, and performing. You can see her in and around Company of Angels, her theater company, and you may see her in another project or two with her fabulous director, Justin Paul Ritter.




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