Helene Udy (Adult KatieBird) 
Taylor Dooley (Teen KatieBird) 
Nicole Jarvis (Young KatieBird)
Lee Perkins (Merl)
Todd Gordon (Dr. Richardson)

Jun Hee Lee (Kevin)



...Todd Gorgon (Dr. Richardson) ...

Born and raised in Arizona Todd went to Arizona State University were he was in the fraternity "theta delta chi." After 3 years, Todd moved to New York, Paris, and finally Italy where he worked on becoming a male model. In fact, he was the first male model to be on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine in Germany. However, Todd decided to give it all up to try his luck in Hollywood. So he moved back to Arizona long enough to build a Harley and drive it to California. Once in Hollywood he began looking for roles to play and before long he was playing characters in Speed ,Point Blank , and the Red Shoe Diaries . His interests include building choppers & hotrods and surfing. Todd has a humorous zest for life and he loves to work because it means he doesn’t have to grow up. He bases his life off two sayings: "i had no shoes and complained, till i met a man that had no feet" and "when you get to the end of your rope, TIE A NOT AND HANG ON !!!!!"




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