Justin Paul Ritter 

Gino Joukar 
(Executive Producer)

Matt Quan 

Josh Fong 

Joanna Chong
(1st AD and more...)

Michael Measimer 
(Make-up Effect)

Misa Aikawa
(Make-up Effect)

Daniel Iannantuono

Sean G. Mackel
(Music Mixer)


....Gino Joukar (Executive Producer)...

Mr. Joukar began his Hollywood career by taking position as Director of Sales at Moviola, an entertainment reseller of digital video & film equipment for production and post production. In 2001 he left Moviola to start his own company DVwarehouse. Currently, he is CEO of iDigital incorporated, the home of iDigital Studio where "KatieBird*certifiable crazy person" was green lit in late 2003.

Mr. Joukar is a member in good standing of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization of Los Angeles, a prestigious business group dedicated to fostering the success of young, promising entrepreneurs. In the future he would like to see iDigital Studio become recognized as one of the leading production companies of cutting-edge live action and 3D animated independent feature films.

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