Justin Paul Ritter 

Gino Joukar 
(Executive Producer)

Matt Quan 

Josh Fong 

Joanna Chong
(1st AD and more...)

Michael Measimer 
(Make-up Effect)

Misa Aikawa
(Make-up Effect)

Daniel Iannantuono

Sean G. Mackel
(Music Mixer)


....Joanna Chong (1st AD and more...)...

Joanna Chong was exposed to the film industry at an early age as she began acting and starring in both TV commercials and movies. She immediately took a liking to filmmaking, and in the fall of 1999 enrolled in the film school of Chapman University (Orange County), majoring in screenwriting and Organizational Leadership. Upon graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2003, she soon began working in Hollywood as a Production Assistant, Script upervisor, and a Production Coordinator. Joanna’s dream was to become a director and writer, so she began pursuing work as an Assistant Director for experience. Most of her background now lies in Assistant Directing where she has worked for both television and feature projects. With only three years since graduation, Joanna has worked on over six features, four TV shows, and countless shorts and videos. She is knowledgeable in the creative and pre-production process, making her a great asset to any production crew. Joanna has just completed her first feature script, “Maximum Cage Fighting,¨ which she also produced, that is currently in post-production. Her most recently directed short titled ¨Chamomile,¨ is also currently in post production. Joanna still studies acting and writes on the side, but for now is focused on getting her name out there through her various projects and connections. You can check out her work on www.imdb.com under “Joanna Chong.”

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