Justin Paul Ritter 

Gino Joukar 
(Executive Producer)

Matt Quan 

Josh Fong 

Joanna Chong
(1st AD and more...)

Michael Measimer 
(Make-up Effect)

Misa Aikawa
(Make-up Effect)

Daniel Iannantuono

Sean G. Mackel
(Music Mixer)


....Justin Paul Ritter (Producer/Writer/Director)...

Justin Paul Ritter has been telling stories in one form or another for most of his life. It started with hand-drawn fables in his grade school days, grew into short stories and stop-motion animations during high school, and evolved into a love for screenwriting and directing during college. Though it was a long road from film school student to feature film director, Ritter is thankful for the years between which were spent exploring the industry and honing the skills that enabled him to bring life to KATIEBIRD.

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