Justin Paul Ritter 

Gino Joukar 
(Executive Producer)

Matt Quan 

Josh Fong 

Joanna Chong
(1st AD and more...)

Michael Measimer 
(Make-up Effect)

Misa Aikawa
(Make-up Effect)

Daniel Iannantuono

Sean G. Mackel
(Music Mixer)


....Michael Measimer (Make-up Effect)...

Michael Measimer is a special effects make-up designer and supervisor with 18 yrs experience in film and television. He has worked on both big and small budget projects as make-up supervisor and a crew member for multiple different FX houses. Some of his more well known credits are Angel, Babylon 5, Dracula and Reign of Fire . After years of being in this field, Michael is teaming up with other artists to write and produce independent film and television projects which can incorporate special effects.

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