...Director's Note...

...from the void...

My first few months in the biz were spent sweeping up cigarette butts and living in a car in the parking lot of a movie studio...but things smoothed out soon enough. Moving through the ranks was quick and I found myself doing rewrites on low-rent thrillers in less than two years. But that was the problem. Low rent stripper flicks after two whole years of hustle and sweat? They weren’t even giving me credit for the rewrites and the $500 per script hardly covered the rent. After three of these things, I finally asked what I was going to get out of the deal on the fourth one considering the material was exploitation at its worst, as was the money - not to mention the lacking credit, which I thought was so important at the time. In response, they offered me $1,000. What do you say to that?

Two weeks later I was in a crunch for time and not a word had been changed on their latest cop-by-day/stripper-by-night project. I didn’t have it in me. The enthusiasm had been drained. Passion sucked away. This was my first case of writer’s block. Finally, my frustration built a head of steam and I started typing. But I didn’t type their story. The script that resulted from those two days of fiercely intense writing, “KatieBird*certifiable crazy person," was an ugly, angry piece of work. I was slamming at the keys, screaming at them in my head, “You want exploitation! I’ll GIVE YOU EXPLOITATION!!!” The script was insanely dark and full of extremely graphic language and content. They fired me and I mailed them the torn up check.

So now you might be asking yourself why I would actually make "KatieBird*certifiable crazy person," which was admittedly a hastily written script with no-holds-barred language and content. Why didn't I make something "better," or at least do some heavy rewrites?

During the course of my experiences I have written several screenplays, some of which have taken years to work through the rewrite process, but few of these works have had the raw passion of "KatieBird". "KatieBird" was an honest reaction to my frustration with exploitation. Two days of vomiting thoughts onto a page. The script may have been ugly, but I told myself the movie could be gorgeous. One of my biggest challenges was to show the world that alternative filmmaking methods and alternative content can be made to work without resorting to exploitation. This film is my rebuttal to mindless exploitation in the movie business. Besides, I am who I am. I like horror and gore and other dark subjects. It would have been like telling lies for me to make anything else.

- Justin Paul Ritter -

Copyright © Katiebird *Certifiable Crazy Person, 2005. All Rights Reserved