Bloody Disgusting
"Forget Dahmer, forget Gacy and forget The Hillside Strangler...Ritter's KatieBird is the single best story about the birth of a serial killer ever put on film!" (...read more...)

The Horror Review
"KatieBird is nothing short of being the best serial killer film ever made." (...read more...)

Joe Horror
"Justin Paul Ritter is a force to be reckoned with. Not only has the man proven he can make a movie but he can undoubtedly make monsters." (...read more...)

"It’s an inspiring, promising debut from its writer/director editor..." (...read more...)

"I can’t recommend a movie higher than “KatieBird *Certifiable Crazy Person.” A new voice in the horror field is yelling and shouting high above the crowded din of mediocre practitioners. That voice belongs to Justin Paul Ritter. Long may it rave!" (...read more...)

All Movie Guide
"While a lot of indie horror wildly misses the mark, this one flourished under the same type of creative freedom felt by many of its genre's grandfathers and ups the ante in its own way." (...read more...)

Toxic Shock TV
"Raw and riveting, beautifully crafted horror...I soon found myself sucked in to the mind of a serial killer!" (...read more...)

From the dark and ramshackle narrative construction to the glorious cinematography, the film radiates with the passion and insanity of both Justin Paul Ritter and KatieBird Wilkins, exemplifying the best characteristics and the quintessential essence of a truly great independent film. (...read more...)

"Gore hounds will enjoy the visceral torture scenes and psycho killer buffs will want to add this
inventive vixen to their must watch list." (...read more...)

The Horror Newsletter
"Brutal...Absolutely brutal...This is the film for 2006 to see!" (...read more...)

Sirens of Cinema
"A relentless, brutal and bloody film that's justifiably insane" (...read more...)





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