KatieBird Wilkins, a woman with a passion for love, relives the events that lead up to her first killing during her final "session" with psychologist Dr. Mark Richardson, her doctor and lover. Director Justin Paul Ritter, in his directorial debut, weaves this disturbing tale of unrequited love and painful truth. Beginning in an urban apartment, the story traverses through past and present, taking you as far back as 1950s rural America.

What begins as a lovers' spat between the Doctor and KatieBird soon becomes a chilling testimony of the relationships that molded her into a torturous killer. Before he can object the doctor finds himself chained to a bed and at the mercy of KatieBird.

She then begins to tell him the story of her childhood and her relationship with her father, Merl. Cared for and loved as a normal child, KatieBird discovered one day that there was much more to her father behind closed doors. And when she is hurt by the local high school heart throb, Merl takes her into his world and teaches her the only way he knows to seek out the truth.

Scared, confused, yet knowing this is the path that was meant for her, KatieBird begins to learn what was passed down to her father and her father's father...the truth that can only be found through death. Soon she too has captured her first victim and begins to learn and understand what true and truthful pain is.

Hearing KatieBird's testimony only confirms Dr. Richardson's mounting belief that she is beyond being helped. Yet his twisted doctor/lover relationship with her keeps him mentally as well as, currently, physically bound to her. As Dr. Richardson loses control of the situation he learns far too late that he is to be her "last" victim...

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